1200W 20A DC Converter Boost Step-up Power Supply Module 8-60V TO 12-83V

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1200W 20A DC Converter Boost Step-up Power Supply Module 8-60V TO 12-83V


  • Brand new
  • Module Properties: non-isolated step-up module (BOOST)
  • Input voltage: 8-60V
  • Input Current: 20A
  • Quiescent current: 15mA (12V liter 20V, the output voltage, the higher the current will increase too quiet)
  • Output voltage: 12-80V continuously adjustable
  • Output Current: 20A MAX Over 15A, please enhance heat dissipation (input, output pressure related, the greater the pressure the smaller the output current)
  • Constant Range: 0.5-20A
  • Output Power: Input voltage * 20A, such as: input 12V * 20A = 240W, input 24V * 20A = 480W
  • Enter 36V * 20A = 720W, input 48V * 20A = 960W, input 60V * 20A = 1200W
  • If you need more power, you can use two modules in parallel, such as the output to 30A, two modules can be used in parallel
  • The current per module can be adjusted to 15A
  • Working temperature: -40 to + 85 degrees (ambient temperature is too high, please enhance heat dissipation)
  • Operating frequency: 150KHz
  • Conversion efficiency: up to 95% (efficiency and input and output voltage, current, pressure related)
  • Overcurrent protection: Yes (with reduced flow adjustment, adjustable output current limit, current exceeds the current limit, the output current is automatically reduced to a minimum 5A, vary according to the nature of the load current will be.)
  • Short circuit protection: Yes (input 20A fuse) double short circuit protection, the use of more security
  • Input reverse polarity protection: None, (if necessary, please enter the string into the diode)
  • Output Counter filling: Yes, for charging plus blocking diode is not required
  • Installation: four 3mm screws
  • Connection: solderless terminals output
  • Module dimensions: approx. 116 x 52 x 15mm

Package included:

1 x step-up power supply module